205th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Dear fellow members,

While we still recall five years ago, we all gathered to celebrate the Bicentenary of Ying Wa College, November 2023 will be another opportunity to gather to celebrate our alma mater’s 205th anniversary.

You are cordially invited to join us for an exceptional occasion – the Ying Wa College 205th anniversary gala dinner. This special evening is to honor the School’s long-standing history and success in terms of its contributions and impact to society by its graduates in religion, translation, printing and education.

The 205th anniversary Gala Dinner will be held on
Date : 26 November 2023, Sunday at 7:00pm
Venue : Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Level 1 at Phase I, Convention Hall.

Pricing Details


Reservation Period


($18,000/table of 12)

Table guaranteed if whole table is booked by using Reservation Form (Appendix A) by 30th June 2023.

Please note there are two phases of reservation, details are listed in the reservation below :

Reservation Details

Please note the following points regarding the booking for the 205th anniversary Gala Dinner:

First Phase (from now to 30th June 2023)

  • Bookings by old boys and must be one table minimum (12 persons per table) and tables will be guaranteed.

  • As such, please contact your Class Reps to include your booking, or group your classmates together to make your booking. Appendix B contains the information of your Class Reps. If you cannot find your Class Reps, please contact OBA’s 205 Gala Dinner Committee by WhatsApp (see also Appendix B), or email to 205GalaDinner@ywcoba.com (particularly for overseas old boys).

  • Preferably reservation to be made by Class Reps, a completed Reservation Form (Appendix A) with proof of payment (cheque, deposit or transfer slip) needs to be either mailed or faxed to YWC School Office (校務處).

Second Phase (from 1st July 2023 to 25th October 2023)

  • Bookings by seat(s), Seating arrangement will be made by OBA.
  • A completed Reservation Form (Appendix A) with proof of payment (cheque, deposit or transfer slip) needs to be either mailed or faxed to YWC School Office (校務處) or email to 205GalaDinner@ywcoba.com.

We shall confirm the reservation in both First and Second Phases by contacting the sender of the Reservation Form within 14 days upon receipt of the form.

Donation Pledge

We feel proud that Ying Wa old boys have a strong tradition of being grateful to their teachers and very anxious to meet them on the occasion. We have invited many teachers (most in retirement) to attend the dinner. If you do wish to make a donation as sponsorship, please contact our committee or email to 205GalaDinner@ywcoba.com.

We look forward to seeing you all at the memorable event on 26 November 2023.

Best regards,
Gareth Ng

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