YWCOBA Financial Chapter – “Dine and Share with KC Kwan”

The very first event of YWCOBA Financial Chapter – “Dine and Share with KC Kwan” concluded in echoes of laughter and applause at Lingnan Club in Central yesterday evening. More than 90 Ying Wa alumni in the financial industry gathered and exchanged contact, seeking personal development as well as explored ways of further contributing to our alma mater and junior alumni/students. The acme of the evening is of course the sharing of our fellow alumni KC Kwan – full of insights and wisdoms into the industry as well as life. Stay tuned with YWCOBA Financial Chapter for the next event.

2018 July Monthly Happy Hour Notice

Dear Alumni,

 Please kindly note that there will be a happy hour gathering for Ying Wa boys and friends.

 Date: 6th July 2018, Fri (7:00 pm to 10:30 pm, and beyond)
Venue: Grappa’s Cellar (Central) Basement 1, Jardine House, 1 Connaught Place, Central, Hong Kong.

Drinks arrangement: OBA Member $150 per head, Non-Member $180 per head 

Two drinks coupons (for house wine/beer/soft drinks with nibbles and snacks for sharing.)

World Cup Quarter-Final from 10:00 pm  

We aim to provide a regular casual gathering/networking occasion for old boys at all age groups and looking forward to seeing you all on Friday evening.

 Should you require any further information or have any other suggestions, please feel free to contact one of our Recreation Conveners below.

 Best regards,

 Rex Liu 廖力行, 1990 (rexlh.liu@gmail.com)

Philip Yeung 楊偉炫, 1994 (philip.yeungwy@gmail.com)

Edward Li 李俊蔚, 1999 (edwardli1122@gmail.com)

YWCOBA Recreation

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Bicentenary Celebration – Private Label Wine and Wine Glass

Dear Alumni, 
For the Bicentennial Celebration of our alma mater, we have specifically procured for all Ying Wa family members of private label red and white wines from distinctive Winery at Pilandro, located between the hills and Lake Garda at the north of Italy at a bargain price. 
The red wine is elegant and soft with notes of ripe cassis, violets with vanilla and fruity aroma.  The wine is produced by the traditional vinification method and aged in French barrels, perfect to pair with grilled red meat and matured cheese. While the white wine displays a surprising complexity, with hints of apricot, citrus and flowers. It is ideal for salads, antipasti and seafood dishes. 
To accompany with the private Bicentennial label wines, unique pair of Czech crystal wine glasses is also purposely crafted to celebrate the occasion.   The glass is engraved with the antique YWC badge which was used on the Ying Wa Speech Day programme in 1922.
Details are listed on the attached order form, please place your order ASAP but no later than 30 June 2018 as both wine and glass are of limited quantities only.  
Please return the completed order form with payment by post to “Ying Wa College Old Boys’ Association Ltd, Ying Wa College, 1 Ying Wa Street Shamshuipo, Hong Kong” or e-mail to  tyf@yingwa.edu.hk 
Or you may also use the google form at link below: 
Sincerely hope you will enjoy the products. Should you require further information, please feel free to contact one of our exco-member below. 
Mr KY Lo : Tel 9801 1813, kylomail@gmail.com
Mr Gareth Ng : Tel 6200 3922, garethckng@gmail.com
Mr. Rex Liu : Tel 6016 3887, rexlh.liu@gmail.com
Yours sincerely,
K. Y. LO

YWCOBA Financial Chapter Dine and share session (Full House)

Dear alumni, 
We are pleased to inform you that the responses for  “Dine-and-share with KC Kwan” has been overwhelming.  Any new enrolment will unfortunately be treated as waiting list.
We will send out the event details including location and map of the venue to all registered participants next week. 
Looking forward to meeting fellow alumni within the industry on 28 June. 
Best regards,
Bernard Li 李政立, 1996 
Sunny Chiu 趙緯樂, 1998  
Edward Li 李俊蔚, 1999  
YWCOBA Financial Chapter
Dear Alumni,
Please kindly note that YWCOBA Financial Chapter will host a dinner sharing session with Fellow Alumni Mr. KC Kwan (Class 1967) for OBA members and affiliate members.
Date: 28th June 2018 (Thu)  7:30pm to 9:30pm 
Venue: Lingnan Club, 12-13/F On Lok Yuen Building,  25-27A Des Voeux Central, Central
Fee: OBA Member: HK$320 ( Half price for young member from class 2014-2018)
Through regular gatherings and networking occasions, we aim to enhance the bonding among fellow old boys within the financial industry and to support the development of our alma mater.

All members are welcome. Seats are limited and reserved on first come first served basis. To secure your seat please send your contact details as follow to one of our chapter convenors below for enrolment by noon 14 June 2018.


Full Name :

Full Chinese Name : 

YWCOBA membership Number : 

Year of leaving Ying Wa College : 

Contact Tel :

Contact Email :

Best regards,
Bernard Li 李政立, 1996 (bernardclli@hotmail.com)
Sunny Chiu 趙緯樂, 1998   (sunny.israel@gmail.com)
Edward Li 李俊蔚, 1999  (edwardli1122@gmail.com)
YWCOBA Financial Chapter

英華書院 資優教育委員會 資優教育座談會 – 培育「高成就」孩子


題目 : 培育「高成就」孩子
日期 : 6月29日 ( 星期五)
時間 : 7:00-9:00pm
地點 : 英華書院 一樓 學生活動中心
費用 : 全免
講員 : 資優教育委員會 – 蔡錦滔老師
課題內容 : 本活動旨在透過討論和講座,給予校友家長一些方法和意見,如何培育孩子,讓他們發揮潛能。近年,有關腦部及心理的研究指出,大部份的孩童都有能力達到「高成就」。而很多人從前都誤解以為只有資優孩子才可以有「高成就」,但其實關鍵不在乎IQ高低,而最重要是在於家長在他們的生活中的教育,有甚麼技巧與孩子溝通?怎樣製做一個合適的家庭學習環境?怎樣在家中發展思考及學習?等等都是本講座會討論的內容。本講座的內容主要來自兩位國際著名的資優教育學者 Deborah Eyre及Wendy Berliner的研究及建議。

報名方法 : 有興趣參加是次活動的校友請於 6月23日 或 之前填妥此表格

本會亦會在 6月26日以電話短訊聯絡出席的校友。

廖力行 (90) (6016 3887,rexlh.liu@gmail.com)
楊偉炫 (94) (9233 9040, philip.yeungwy@gmail.com)

2018-06-29 資優教育座談會
校友會主席 盧炯宇 敬上