Date 28th November 2018 (Wednesday)
Eligibility Ying Wa College and Ying Wa Primary School’s students, old boys, spouses, teachers and friends are welcome (Handicap requirements: Men: 36.4 or below / Ladies: 40.4 or below)
Course The Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course, South and/or East Course. You may indicate your preferred course to play but depending on the number of flights you may be allocated to play on the other course.
Start time Around 9am to 10am (consecutive tee times with 9-11 minutes interval)
Format and prizes Will be announced after the end of the enrollment
Entry Fee 1,600 per entry (inclusive of green fee, golf cart, ferry, Ying Wa backpack and buffet lunch). $1,400 per entry for those choose not to have the Ying Wa backpack. Surplus will go to the Ying Wa College Old Boys’ Association. Same entry fee for alumni and friend. Junior under the age of 21 is charged at $1,000.
Ying Wa Backpack

This Backpack is specifically designed for this golf event, it comes with two design, one with a red strip and one with a black strip. It also comes with a purse too. Due to the size of the backpack, it will not be distributed at the event. Instead it will be delivered to your designated commercial address for free, or alternatively to your residential address (which you may need to pay a small delivery charge).

Entry Deadline On or before 7th November 2018. There will be no refund for cancellation after 7th November 2018. Tee time and pairing will be announced around 1-2 weeks before the event, please contact me if you do not receive the notification.
WhatsApp group Participants please join the following WhatsApp group to get the latest update and detail information of the event

Ying Wa Golf Day Enrollment Form 2018

Funfair and Home-coming Day 2018

為慶祝創校200 周年,英華中、小學將會於11 月30 至 12 月1 日舉行Funfair and Home-coming Day,並開放予各屆校友,歡迎校友與在校同學一起參與攤位遊戲,
而校友會特於12 月1 日(星期六)下午舉辦以下特備精彩活動:-

  1. 承蒙葉秀賢老師、葉勁雲老師、梁麥韻鶯老師及鄭鈞傑校長首肯,於當日重執教鞭,開班授課,實行時光倒流,將昔日老師們於課堂講學的情景重現眼前。
  2. 導遊英華小學、英華書院校舍。
  3. 經黃修平校友指導、校友李敏聰(Mark Li)(2012 年畢業生)導演,以 「Farewell assembly」為題之電影欣賞。
  4. 開放泳池、乒乓球設施供使用。
  5. 足球邀請賽及社際籃球賽。


2018 校友日活動時間表
2018 校友日通告

此外,當晚7 時半於紐寶璐禮堂亦會舉行Home Coming Concert,免費入場,歡迎校友出席。

2018 年10 月23 日

Annual General Meeting 2018

Dear members,

Please be informed that the YWCOBA Annual General Meeting 2018 will be
held at 7:00pm on 15th November 2018 (Thursday) in the Function Rooms on
the 3rd Floor, The Mira Hotel, 132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.
Enclosed please find the 2018 AGM Agenda and the Proxy Form for your

Dinner (Optional) will be served immediately after the AGM at HK$650 per
head. Advance booking is required.

Detail :

 2018 AGM Agenda

2018 AGM Invitation note

2018 AGM Proxy Form

Please kindly help disseminating the notice of the AGM and relevant documents to other alumni of your years.

Look forward to seeing you in the 2018 AGM on 15th November, 2018.

Yours sincerely,

Ip Che Ho
Honorary Secretary

Ying Wa College Nordic Music Tour 2019 – Pre-tour Concert (I)

Pre-tour Concert (I) featuring tour strings and percussion members.

Date: 10 Nov 2018
Time: 2:30-3:30 pm
Venue: 1/F Hall, 1B Oxford Road, Kowloon Tong
(former campus of Ying Wa College, 1963-2003)


Graphic Design: Jimmy Tse
Acknowledgement: CCC Kei Wa Primary School, Kowloon Tong

Presented by Ying Wa College Nordic Music Tour 2019
Co-presented by Ying Wa College Music Union

source :

「傳道授業在香江 —— 英華書院創校200年歷史展覧」





特別郵票 — 「英華書院二百周年校慶」

來源: 香港郵政




郵票小型張以「承傳使命 皕載自強」為題,展示書院不同時期的校舍。「皕」是二百的意思;郵票小型張上以小孔拼出「皕」字,呼應書院二百周年校慶的主題。郵票中的外籍人士是書院創辨人馬禮遜牧師 — 第一位來華的基督傳教士。

有關發售詳情, 請參閱香港郵政網頁:

英華特選自家皕載 紅酒和白酒?

用心釀造,尊重環境,結合傳統與現代的酒莊! 校友會為200周年校慶特意由意大利北部山區和加爾達湖之間的家庭式酒莊帶給大家兩款葡萄酒。白酒用上傳統的當地特色葡萄Trebbiano di Lugana,清新優雅, 醉人的花香與柑橘,盡顯山間與湖泮的靈氣. 此白酒是配前菜,海鮮同沙律的理想選擇。紅酒則是三款葡萄混釀, 用上傳統的風乾手法, 加上30個月的法國桶與酒瓶陳年。此紅酒口感豐富,酒體適中, 結構良好, 收結悠長.配以烤肉,芝士等菜式絶佳。


Bicentenary Celebration Souvenirs

Dear Alumni and Ying Wa Family. 
We are delighted to have prepared the following collection of bicentenary souvenirs (including YWC labelled wine, wine glasses set, polo shirts, fleece jackets, towels, cuff links and backpacks) for you to treasure. Further details of the products can be found at our Website or Facebook page.
All stocks are limited but OBA members are given the priority to order! Please place your priority order on or before 20 October 2018 while stock lasts! 
Please return to the OBA the attached Order Form with payment record by either 
(1) PPS, 
(2) Payment at Circle K / Vanguard Supermarket / VanGo, 
(3) ATM deposit, or 
(4) cheque. (Please see payment method on the attached form) 
You may also use the google form on Link below :
Except for wine and wine glasses, all items will have to be collected in person on Home Coming Day on 30 November 2018 or 1 December 2018 at Ying Wa College OBA souvenir counter. 
Sincerely hope you will order and enjoy the products. Should you require further information, please feel free to contact one of our exco-members below. 
Mr. Vincent Chan (1976) : 
Mr. K.Y. Lo (1980) : 
Mr. Gareth Ng (1983) : 
Mr. Rex Liu (1990) : 
Mr. Simon Lee (1998) :
Yours sincerely,
K. Y. LO

皕載校慶感恩崇拜 (11/11/2018, 18:00-19:30)


英華書院皕載校慶感恩崇拜定於二零一八年十一月十一日在英華書院二樓紐寶路禮堂進行。其中第四時段,即由六點至七點半是專為校友和師長參加而設, 盼望各位校友及師長抽空出席並通知有興趣的校友一同參與二百年難得的校慶感恩崇拜。


有關英華書院皕載校慶節目詳情, 可以瀏覽書院網頁 :