YWCOBA ICT Forum: STEAM Education @ Ying Wa

STEAM education nowadays is fundamental and vital at school in order to equip students for the tech-and-innovation driven future. We are honored to have the principals of Ying Wa College (Mr. Dion CHEN) and Ying Wa Primary School (Dr. CHAN May Kuen Sylvia, MH) respectively to share their views and experience on STEAM education at the YWCOBA ICT Forum. It definitely will be a fruitful event for you to kickstart the new school year this summer and nurture your sons for the future. Join us and don’t miss the chance to meet the principals in person!!

Apart from market practitioners Mr. Jack WU (1991) Business Director of DTSL Group and Mr. Jonathan NG (1989) Assessment Development Manager of Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority, relevant teaching staff Mr. Albert WONG (1984 YWC graduate and IT Manager of YWC) and Mr. KWAN Yuet Hung (Vice Principal of YWPS) are invited to exchange insights from interactions with students, parents, teachers and school administrators in the STEAM ecosystem.

If you are interested to explore the STEAM education facilities at both Ying Wa College (YWC) and Ying Wa Primary School (YWPS), you are most welcome to come earlier for a tour of the retired MTR trains, YWPS STEAM Lab, YWC InnoLab, InnoHub and Flight Sim, etc. at the school campus (see attached). Starting at around 6:00 p.m, the STEAM facilities tour will be guided by Mr. Albert WONG as well as Mr. KWAN Yuet Hung.

《 YWCOBA ICT Forum 》

Topic: STEAM Education @ Ying Wa
Date: 28 August 2023 (Monday)
Time: 6:00 p.m to 8:00 p.m
Place: InnoLab, 6/F, Ying Wa College, 1 Ying Wa Street, Kowloon.

Fee: Free of charge for YWCOBA members
(Welcome to join YWCOBA membership now at https://ywcoba.com/membership/)

Participants are encouraged to join the after event dine-out gathering at a nearby Chinese restaurant to network with the guest speakers and alumni though it’s optional and at the participants’ own expenses. Details will be provided in due course.

Register ASAP with the Google Form here ( http://bit.ly/3pSMQef ) to reserve your seat if you want to participate in this special event. Seats are limited and priority will be allocated to YWCOBA members on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Should you have any questions regarding the above event, please feel free to contact YWCOBA ICT Interest Group convener – Mr. Carus LU (1990) via email info@ywcoba.com.

Thanks a lot for your support to Ying Wa!! We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming OBA activities!!

Yours sincerely,

Gareth NG
Ying Wa College Old Boys‘ Association

205th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Dear fellow members,

While we still recall five years ago, we all gathered to celebrate the Bicentenary of Ying Wa College, November 2023 will be another opportunity to gather to celebrate our alma mater’s 205th anniversary.

You are cordially invited to join us for an exceptional occasion – the Ying Wa College 205th anniversary gala dinner. This special evening is to honor the School’s long-standing history and success in terms of its contributions and impact to society by its graduates in religion, translation, printing and education.

The 205th anniversary Gala Dinner will be held on
Date : 26 November 2023, Sunday at 7:00pm
Venue : Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Level 1 at Phase I, Convention Hall.

Pricing Details


Reservation Period


($18,000/table of 12)

Table guaranteed if whole table is booked by using Reservation Form (Appendix A) by 30th June 2023.

Please note there are two phases of reservation, details are listed in the reservation below :

Reservation Details

Please note the following points regarding the booking for the 205th anniversary Gala Dinner:

First Phase (from now to 30th June 2023)

  • Bookings by old boys and must be one table minimum (12 persons per table) and tables will be guaranteed.

  • As such, please contact your Class Reps to include your booking, or group your classmates together to make your booking. Appendix B contains the information of your Class Reps. If you cannot find your Class Reps, please contact OBA’s 205 Gala Dinner Committee by WhatsApp (see also Appendix B), or email to 205GalaDinner@ywcoba.com (particularly for overseas old boys).

  • Preferably reservation to be made by Class Reps, a completed Reservation Form (Appendix A) with proof of payment (cheque, deposit or transfer slip) needs to be either mailed or faxed to YWC School Office (校務處).

Second Phase (from 1st July 2023 to 25th October 2023)

  • Bookings by seat(s), Seating arrangement will be made by OBA.
  • A completed Reservation Form (Appendix A) with proof of payment (cheque, deposit or transfer slip) needs to be either mailed or faxed to YWC School Office (校務處) or email to 205GalaDinner@ywcoba.com.

We shall confirm the reservation in both First and Second Phases by contacting the sender of the Reservation Form within 14 days upon receipt of the form.

Donation Pledge

We feel proud that Ying Wa old boys have a strong tradition of being grateful to their teachers and very anxious to meet them on the occasion. We have invited many teachers (most in retirement) to attend the dinner. If you do wish to make a donation as sponsorship, please contact our committee or email to 205GalaDinner@ywcoba.com.

We look forward to seeing you all at the memorable event on 26 November 2023.

Best regards,
Gareth Ng

Monthly Networking Event Resume

Please kindly note that the monthly networking gathering for Ying Wa boys and friends will be resumed. The first will be:

Date: 19th May 2023, Friday (6:30 pm to 9:00 pm)
Venue: J’s Bar Bistro, The Royal Garden, 69 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East.
Drinks arrangement:
OBA Member $180 per head,
Non-Member $200 per head
Two drinks coupons (selected house wine/beer/cocktail/soft drinks with nibbles and snacks for sharing.)

This is a regular casual networking occasion for old boys of all age groups and looking forward to seeing you all on 1st Friday evening of each month. No preregistration required. Should you require any further information or have any other suggestions, please feel free to contact one of our Recreation Conveners below.

Best regards,
Philip Yeung 楊偉炫, 1994 (philip.yeungwy@gmail.com)
Eric Poon (潘燿基) 1998 (eric_ykpoon@hotmail.com )
YWCOBA Recreation

英華書院長跑日 家長、校友及老師邀請賽



?地點:馬鞍山海濱長廊 (烏溪沙)

?起跑時間:約9:30am (9:00am 熱身)





?現誠邀各位校友踴躍參與,與師弟們一齊感受長跑日的盛況,長跑日當天亦歡迎校友到場觀看、打氣。 所有入場人士須遵守學校指示,保持秩序。當日場地不設泊車。

?有興趣的校友請於 3月19日(星期日)或之前 將中文姓名、屆別及電話號碼發送至黃子榮 (drwongtszwing@gmail.com )及趙緯樂 (sunny.israel@gmail.com),資料會再轉發至書院負責體育老師作報名用途,謝謝!


  1. 開放時間為星期日早上10時至下午1時。早上10時之前,為書院校隊練習時間,校友請勿太早進駐場地,以免影響校隊練習!
  2. 現階段只開放 足球場,5樓籃球場 及 乒乓球枱予校友會會員,暫不開放與家屬,盡量減低風險。
  3. 出席者,需預先向校友會報名。https://forms.gle/BFFR89CPKyh6FWTF9
  4. 出席者須由英華街進出,進入時必須在警衛前 確認身份。
  5. 請知悉 政府衞生署及有關部門可以要求提交本報名資料予其跟進或處理相關事宜。

英華書院長跑日 家長及校友邀請賽



起跑時間:約9:30am (9:00am 熱身)







有興趣的校友請於 10月22日(星期六)或之前 將中文姓名、屆別及電話號碼發送至1998屆Sunny Chiu (sunny.israel@gmail.com),資料會再轉發至書院負責體育老師作報名用途,謝謝!

【保健養生】- 中醫保健講座


校史《皕載英華》英文版 << 香港書展首發會及新書推廣 >>

數年前為慶祝英華書院立基二百年,特成立編輯委員會撰著校史《皕載英華》。是書出版以來,屢獲史家學人引用。編委會今夏再推出校史英文版 Two Centuries of Excellence: The Bicentennial History of Ying Wa College。全書共五百多頁,計十餘萬言,當中收錄了多幅未在中文版刊登的影像,如 1845 年士丹頓街校舍地契、1914 年復校首屆的招生廣告、鈕寶璐校長二戰期間被俘記錄等,皆彌足珍貴。現只需捐款$500 以上至教育基金,便獲送贈英文本校史一冊。此英文本校史亦將於「香港書展 2022」舉行新書首發會,並邀得陳狄安校長、陳美娟校長和部份作者、編輯等為到場讀者簽名。此外,凡到場「拍照打咭」之英華人,皆可獲贈紀念品乙份,名額有限,先到先得。請踴躍參與。

日期 2022 年 7 月 22 日(星期五)
時間 19:30-20:30
地點 香港會議展覽中心 —— 香港書展 1E-B04 號攤位(三聯書店)

凡在推廣期內,捐款$500 或以上予「英華教育基金有限公司」,即可憑捐款截圖安排到英華書院領取此英文校史新書乙本 (首發會期間可到攤位領取)。請立刻以 Google Form 登記 https://forms.gle/7z45x1en3Vn4NmU78
基金賬號:恒生銀行 395-414006-883

如有查詢,請與負責人張家輝 (9676 2689)、盧炯宇 (9467 0334)或廖力行 (6016 3887) 聯絡。


Application for admission to Primary 1 of Ying Wa Primary School

Dear Members,

Ying Wa Primary School (“YWPS”) will accept applications for admission to Primary 1 students for the year 2023/24 between 20th July 2022 to 24th July 2022 through online system.

I am glad to inform you that Ying Wa College Old Boys’ Association (“YWCOBA”) has liaised with YWPS to render assistance to Ying Wa Old Boys who wish their sons to be admitted to Primary 1 of YWPS subject to the following conditions :-

1) The father of the son(s), must be a paid-up member of YWCOBA for the past two years (i.e. full 24 months counting back from the date of the deadline).
2) The conduct of his son(s) must not be poor in his (their) present school(s).
3) The candidates should meet the minimum standard of academic capability as set by the Headmistress of the School.

If your son wishes to apply for a Primary 1 place in YWPS, you are required to make the online application and submit to YWPS directly. You may wish to get the latest information about the application from the website of YWPS (http://www.yingwaps.edu.hk) and make inquiry to YWPS for details of the application if necessary.

If you wish YWCOBA to render assistance in the application, please remember to print a copy of the application form before proceeding to the page for payment of the application fee. You should then send the copy of the application form together with the confirmation  mail with an application number from YWPS to the office of Ying Wa College for the  attention of Ms. Tsui through email tyf@yingwa.edu.hk on or before 25th July 2022 (Monday).

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Convenor for Student Affairs, Mr Ng King Him at 93582756 or Mr Ivanhoe Ko at 92674830.

Yours sincerely,

Gareth Ng

英華行 2022傳承線上走




活動名稱 英華行 2022傳承線上走
內容 線上英華行:展望所有英華人,不受地域距離限制,於線上為英華努力,籌募經費給「英華教育基金」
活動期間 2022年6月20日至2022年7月25日 (包括首尾兩日)
活動時間 參與者可以選擇自己的英華行時間,只要在2022年6月20日至2022年7月25日內完成即可。
自由路線 參與者可以自由設計路線,選擇任何自然教育徑、海濱長廊、城市街道或其他合適路段。參與者只需把選定的組別路程距離完成,即視為完成活動


1. 3公里組別 (基本距離,參與者完成3公里距離,即可獲得3公里達成電子證書及紀念品乙份。)

2. 5公里組別 (中距離,合適有作日常運動之參與者,完成者可獲得5公里達成電子證書及紀念品乙份。)

3. 10公里組別 (長距離,合適有良好體能之參與者,完成者可獲得10公里達成電子證書及紀念品乙份。)

規則 是次活動為一籌款活動,參與者可覓贊助人或自行捐款。參與者及其家庭最低籌款額為300元正(以該家庭為計算單位)。達標者即可參與是次線上行。參與者請於遞交報名表格時決定參與那一個組別,並於完成活動後,把 (1)完成的距離紀錄及 (2)一張於活動過程中拍攝之照片上載到大會的指定平台內即可。一經確認,參與者將可獲發該組別之紀念品乙份及電子證書一張。


1. 量度行走距離及時間之裝備或軟件,例如智能手機的APPS, 運動型手錶上的測量工具即可。在完成活動後,參與者可以透過手機截圖,或拍下手錶上的數據以證明完成所揀選組別之行走距離。再把截圖或相片傳載給大會。

2. 拍照工具,例如智能手機或專業相機。參與者需在活動過程中拍攝一張照片(參與者必須被攝於當中),完成活動後,參與者需要把該照片傳載給大會作親身參與的紀錄。

攝影比賽     (自由參與) 大會設有最佳攝影比賽。如參與者希望把紀錄照片投稿到最佳攝影比賽,可在上載照片時報名參加最佳攝影比賽。大會將會從參與者遞交的活動照片中選出最優秀的30張作品,入選者將獲頒精美紀念品一份。(主辦單位保留最終決定權)
衣著服飾 不限。如有英華字樣之鴨舌帽或復刻版體育背心等等,歡迎穿著及戴上。

參與者請到下列超連結或QR Code填寫電子版的報名表格


完成活動後,請於6月20日至7月25日期間到下列超連結或QR Code上載紀錄及照片。(只可上載一次)




防疫注意 因應疫情,請各參與者遵守防疫措施,保持合適社交距離。

如有任何疑問,可致電英華書院2336 8838與徐小姐聯絡。