Old Boys Football League 2013-14

Congratulations to Team 13 (70s & 80s), Team 14 (2002) & Team 5 (2006) – Champion, 1st and 2nd Runner-up of 2013-14.
Congratulations to Ma Siu Kei (1983) and Ip Chi Kei (2001) – Joint Top Scorers of the season.

League table final

Top scorers final

Thanks to all those participated in the League and all those assisted in the process.  In particular, a big thank you to the invaluable assistance rendered by our beloved Szeto Ting Kwong (1979).

YING WA OLD BOYS’ FOOTBALL LEAGUE (2013-14) — Final : First Half

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YING WA OLD BOYS’ FOOTBALL LEAGUE (2013-14) — Final : Second Half

[youtube id=”JkcgdJtLIio”]





關於訂購195周年校慶紀念特刊事宜, 請留意以下事項:

1. 如訂購了特刊, 又選擇了郵遞收書的校友, 書冊會陸續寄出。 校務處也會用SMS通知各位。

2. 如果訂購了特刊, 但選擇親身取書者, 請於辦公時間到英華書院辦事處取書。 辦公時間如下:
     星期一至五     上午9時至12時,   下午2時至4 時
     星期六            上午9時至12時

3.  至於之前未訂購, 但現在有興趣購買特刊的校友, 請聯絡你們的班代表, 由班代表統籌向辦事處鍾小姐購買。


Dear alumni,

Attached please find the order form of the 195th School Anniversary Publication 《薪火相傳》.  Anyone who would like to order, please fill in the order slip together with the  cheque payment and  send  back to the YWC Office lastet by May  30th, 2014 (Friday). 

 Order form of the 195th School Anniversary Publication 《薪火相傳》特刊

Thanks & best regards,
Benjamin Au

Honorary Secretary


Basketball Marathon 2014

It is great to announce that our boys won the title of the HK interschool Basketball Marathon 2014. It is not only we can defend the title but also the fifth times become the Champion in this event.
We beat DBS in the semifinal and won over Kwai Wah Shan in the final match.  Ho Yee Fu and Lam Chun Kwong are elected to be Best Players, and Lam is the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in htis tournament.
Let’s cheers for our boys and continue the support in the future.

冠 軍 Champion : 英華書院

最佳運動員獎 Best Basketball Player :林俊光(英華書院)
最佳運動員獎 Best Basketball Player :何倚富(英華書院)

最有價值球員 Most Valuable Player   :林俊光(英華書院)


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source : HKSSF