205th Anniversary Tote Bag

The Student Council of Ying Wa College has designed a 205th Anniversary Special Edition Tote Bag to celebrate this memorable occasion of the Ying Wa family. Alumni of Ying Wa College can order the Student Council tote bag at $100 each (Bag + Donation). Simply fill out this Google Order Form (https://forms.gle/x3rpfSBsodgnNmoo9) and submit your order together with the payment record on or before 19th June 2024.

205th Anniversary Tote Bag
Colour: White
Size: 35x39cm
Straps: Handheld Strap and Shoulder Strap (Removable)

After deducting costs, the surplus will be allocated to Ying Wa College Student Council as operational funds. Thank you very much for your support.
YWCOBA Souvenir
Meanwhile, alumni may also make online orders of a range of YWCOBA souvenir, namely the tie clip, umbrella, and polo shirt here (https://ywcoba.com/ywcoba-souvenir-ordering/)

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Cherry Tsui at 2748 5813