Ying Wa Education Foundation Newsletter ( Dec 2015 )

Dear members of the big Ying Wa family:
The Ying Wa Education Foundation was initiated by a group of old boys, with full support from the School Board, to embrace the many stakeholders of the Ying Wa Family. Some very meaningful projects for both the Primary School and the College had been supported by the Foundation, directly rendering our boys to stretch their horizons and improve on their all-rounded development.
The executive committee had agreed on the expansion of membership and it is hoped that we can have as many as possible members to be joining the Foundation to enable even more good work can be done in the future. So I appeal to all parents, teachers, old boys, members of the board or even students to come forward.
As the festive season of Christmas and New Year is drawing near, may I wish you all a happy and healthy holiday break.
C. K. Tsang

YWEF Newsletter (Dec 2015)

Sport News 21/12/2015

Nike 全港學界精英籃球比賽2015-2016
12月21日 11:20-12:20
英華 Vs 可譽 ( 47比24 英華勝 )
12月22日 11:20-12:20
Vs 匯基(大坑東)
source : http://www.nike.com.hk/JingYingBasketball/section/schedule/#/pool-M/stage-2

2015 YWCOBA Annual Golf Tournament (Result)

The result of 2015 YWCOBA Annual Golf Tournament is as follows:

Wong Man Kam Cup – Ying Wa Stroke Play Champion (Gallant Sin)

Kwan Kai Cheong Cup –

  • Ying Wa Stableford Champion (Ray Cheng)
  • 1st Runner Up (George Chu)
  • 2nd Runner Up (Francis Li)

Yeung Po Kwan Cup

  • Friends of Ying Wa Stroke Play Champion (David Chow)
  • Friends of Ying Wa Stableford Champion (Yuan Cai)

Longest Drive

  • Hole #3 (Franky Wong)
  • Hole #14 (Timon Liu)
  • Hole #17 (Li Jun Feng)

Nearest to the Pin

  • Hole #2 (Franky Wong)
  • Hole #5 (George Chu)
  • Hole #11 (Sam Aik Kwik)
  • Hole #16 (Francis Li)


Photo album : https://goo.gl/photos/WysxvrsesykmYwse8