YWCOBA Mentorship Program 2022

Dear Alumni

On behalf of the Ying Wa College Old Boys’ Association, I am writing to invite you to participate in the OBA Mentorship Program 2022. This programme aims to cover the young YWC alumni who have recently graduated. Through interactions with senior alumni mentors, young alumni are able to gain insights into their aspired careers and broaden their horizons. It promotes the bonding across generations and strengthens the Ying Wa Spirit among alumni.

Aims and objectives

The Mentorship Program is a platform for YWC alumni to share their career experiences with fellow brothers. Mentees and mentors would be grouped according to their expertise, academic background, hobbies or individual preferences. It is a valuable opportunity to broaden one’s horizons and enrich social exposure.

In this program, you can:

– gain career advice and industry insights shared by YWC alumni

– enhance your professional and social network

– connect with Ying Wa brothers on both professional and personal bases.


Mentee: Must be an OBA or Graduate Affiliate Programme member who completed S6 in or after 2017 (or the equivalent class members)

Mentor: Must be an OBA member with at least 5 years’ work or professional experience

If you are interested in joining and making a commitment to the program, please submit the following Google forms on or before 23 Dec 2021.

For enquiry, please contact Edward Li (Class of 99) / Jackie Liu (Class of 06) or email us at membership@ywcoba.com.


Gareth Ng

Chairman, YWCOBA

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