[You’re Invited] Joining the YWCOBA ICT Interest Group

Information, Communication and Technology (“ICT”) plays a vital role in our daily life now and in future.  At the EXCO Meeting in April 2021, it was suggested to explore the formation of an ICT interest group amongst old boys with below objectives:
1) to provide a platform with common language linking up old boys who are either working in the ICT industry or playing a ICT function in any other industries;
2) to share market updates and provide a resource to those old boys who need ICT assistance for work and personal needs;
3) to make use of alumni’s ICT knowledge and resources for better development of YWCOBA, Ying Wa College and Ying Wa Primary School;
If you’re interested in joining and even co-organizing the proposed ICT Interest Group,  please fill in the Google Form (https://qrgo.page.link/Z7BFL) with certain background and details so that we can proceed with the initiative at earliest convenience.  
Thanks a lot for your attention and support!!  You’re welcome to send inquiry to info@ywcoba.com whenever necessary.
We will keep you posted when the ICT Interest Group is officially formed and ready to serve the Ying Wa family.
Best wishes,
Carus LU 
IT Convenor

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