Nordic Music Tour reunion

Nordic Music Tour reunion (26/6/2019)
?Wish all students have a good time and treasure the experience☺️

Photo Credit to Music Department and Ivan Chen

Heartfelt thanks to all friends and alumni sponsor for marking the trip a fruitful one:


Graduates of Year 1977 (F.5)
Dr Au Ting Wah
Mr Chan Chi Yin
Mr Cheung Lai Wang, Christopher
Mr Ng Yum Fai, John
Mr So Hing Woh, Victor
Mr Tang Ping Kwong
Mr Wong Wai Kit
Dr Yu Wai Cho
F1 instrumental class, 1992
Dr Fan Ka Hei
Dr Lam Hoi Shiu, Bosco
Dr Lo Hau Man
Dr Lo Wing Tai, Brian
Dr Wong Chun Fung
Mr Wong Tai Wai
Mr Wong Ying Wai Lawrence
Ms Wu Chui Lan, Eva
Dr Wu Shun Ping
Dr Yeung Yat Wah
Ms Yiu Ching Hing, Esther
Mr Chan Hung Tat, Edward
Mr Cheng Kwun Kit, Allan
Mr Chow Shun Yin
Mr Choy Kin Chung, Gary
Mr Heung Man Yick, Matthew
Mr Lam Yuk Kun, Lawrence
Mr Lau Sin Pang
Mr Lee Chi Hang
Mr Wong Wai Keung
Mr Chan Yuen Wah
Mr Ngai Wing Chit
Mr Shum Kei Man
Mr Sit Loi Keung
Mr Wong Chi Tak
Ms Lam Siu Sin
Mr Lam Shun Wing
Mr Tang Tsun Fung, Carl

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