Invitation to Mentorship Scheme 2017

Message from Student Council of Ying Wa College

17 March 2017

Dear Alumni,

Re: Invitation to Mentorship Scheme 2017

On behalf of the Student Council of Ying Wa College, I am writing to extend an invitation to you to the Mentorship Scheme 2017.

 Jointly organised by the Career Guidance Committee, the English Department, the Old Boys’ Association and the Student Council, the Mentorship Scheme was first launched in 2009. Through interviews with alumni, the scheme serves as a platform on which our fellow students are able to gain insights into their possible career paths. Meanwhile, on this special occasion which brings Ying Wa Boys of different times together, it is hoped that the bond between students and alumni can be strengthened, promoting the Ying Wa Spirit. To ensure students learn effectively from the scheme and consolidate their knowledge on their aspired careers, they will be required to write up a career research report as a piece of English Language homework under the guidance of English teachers.

Thanks to the support of graduates and teachers, the scheme has been a huge success over the past years. The sharing from old boys was insightful and we benefited greatly. This year, the Mentorship Scheme will begin in April. It is our honour to have invited our alumnus, Mr Yip Kwun Lam (葉冠霖), veteran journalist and the radio host of RTHK’s programme “Talkabout”, to be our keynote speaker. The details of the Launching Ceremony are as follows:

 Date:   29 April 2017

Time:   09:00 – 12:00

Venue:  Noble Hall, Ying Wa College

We cordially invite you to become one of the mentors of the scheme this year. We would be more than grateful if you could join us in the Launching Ceremony and be kind enough to initiate follow-up activities for our schoolmates. Attached, please find the introduction and guidelines of the Mentorship Scheme 2017. If you agree to join the programme as a mentor, please kindly provide your personal details by filling in the Google Form at . Should you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the school’s Publicity & Public Relations Officer, Ms. Cherry Tsui, at 2748-5813, or through e-mail at during school hours. We look forward to your favorable reply and wish you every success in the future. 



Yours faithfully,

Chan Hiu Chi Jayson

President, Student Council

Ying Wa College


Approved by,

Chan Cheuk Nang

Chief Advisor, Student Council

Ying Wa College


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