From Ying Wa Re: Indoor Swimming Pool Project – Fundraising Campaign

Dear Ying Wa old boys,

As you may be aware, the construction work of the School Campus Improvement Project (Swimming Pool) is running at full throttle now. It is going to be a great addition to the campus and will constitute an extra avenue to create an even more conducive and vibrant school environment for our students and the whole school community upon its completion. With such school needs in mind, it is high time that the school kick-started our fundraising initiatives and we elicit your generous support of your alma mater by making a donation so that ultimately, we can all share the abounding joy when the project comes to fruition.

Our fundraising target for old boys is 10 million dollars with due consideration of the expenditure to be incurred for the construction, operation and long-term maintenance of the swimming pool – costs directly attributed to the project. The projected aggregate costs amount to 82 million dollars approximately as at now. There will possibly be additional expenditure incurred such as variation orders, pertaining to features like the Multi-purpose Room underneath the pool. Operation costs covering water and electricity costs as well as expenses for hiring qualified lifeguards will also be incurred. It is thus very evident that an enormous amount of school resources have to be earmarked for this project.  Although the school will be in a healthy financial position in the years to come, the various facets of sustainable school development necessitate prudent use of normal income; therefore the indoor swimming pool project should not pose any financial burden on the school and fundraising for the project is highly necessary.

Please find the attached newsletter concerning the fundraising campaign for Ying Wa old boys.  We are counting on your support and will be deeply grateful for your contribution. A donation form is attached to the newsletter and donations can be made via cheques payable to Ying Wa College.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Allan Cheng

Ying Wa College
1 Ying Wa Street

Tel: (852) 23368838
Fax: (852) 23361920

P.S. Please feel free to forward the newsletter to the other old boys you know.  Thank you.

School Campus Improvement Project (Swimming Pool) Old Boys’ Newsletter 2015-09-30 (signed)