YWEF – Chairman’s Report

Ying Wa Education Foundation Limited 

Chairman’s Report for the AGM of Year 2020 / 2021 

Dear members,

During the past year since our last AGM on 30 th September, 2020, we had been in the
pandemic when our top priority was to stay safe. As such, activities for the calendar year
2020 had very much been curtailed.

In February 2021, we witnessed the warm support of our sportsman student Ho Siu Lun for
his medical expenses in the magnitude of about HK$1.5 million. The lightning speed at which funds were raised reflected our mother school’s spirit that when any of our students is in need, help is always forthcoming.

As the pandemic was brought under control in 2021, we had conducted our annual Walkathon in April 2021, raising a total sum of about HK$500,000.

As of today, the amount of funds in the Foundation is approximately HK$8 million.
As the pandemic hopefully will soon be behind us, the Foundation is committed to work out a plan so that in due course our fund size would be substantially increased.

Thanks to the support of the members of the Foundation. Thanks also to all our committee
members who worked hard through the pandemic in the best interest of the School.