Past Chairman's Address 2005-2007

Time flies. I shall soon complete my 2 years’ term as the chairman of the Association. The Association has not organized too many events for the last 12 months. Instead, most of its time and effort were devoted to the future of Ying Wa College and Ying Wa Primary School. About 2 years ago, in light of the implementation of through train in 07/08 and the recent changes in educational policies, the 2 schools have started to were organized by the Association. except the New Year Gathering only 2 major events were organized. Twelve months ago, when I became the chairman of the Association, I did not set any specific goal. It is always my belief that the objectives of the Association are mainly two limbs. First is to establish and maintain links amongst old boys of Ying Wa. Secondly it acts as a bridge between the schools (now with YWPS) and old boys. My task is to lead the Association to fulfill those objectives.

For the past twelve months, with the support and effort of the Executive Committee and the members of the Association, we have organized the following events with great success :-

  1. 28/12/2005 – 「英聲華采」音樂會 at Noble Hall, YWC
  2. 26/01/2006 – New Year Gathering at Beas River Country Club
  3. 06/06/2006 – Wine Tasting Dinner at Yung Kee Restaurant, Central

In the 「英聲華采」音樂會, around 350 audience enjoyed the great performance of our Ying Wa Old Boys’ Orchestras and Choir. We raised up to $200,000.00 for the school and the fund is used to support the Ying Wa History Room. A DVD of the concert has also been produced and sent to each member of the Association free of charge. In appreciation of our effort, a total sum of donations $30,000.00 has been received by the Association.

The New Year Gathering and Wine Tasting Dinner were both new events. Their success gives the Association the encouragement to organize more similar events in future.

Following the move of the schools to a new campus and the series of event to raise funds for its accomplishment, the link between the schools and old boys is closer than ever. Throughout the past year, our members have continued to give their support to the College in various aspects.

Since Ms. Maria Lam has undertaken the post of the principal of Ying Wa Primary School in 2004, the Association has established a close relationship with the school. The long history of old boys’ contribution to Ying Wa is not only well recognized by the College but also by the Primary School. Our representatives were invited attend various ceremonies as guests of honour and to participate in the events/activities organized by the Primary School.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt thanks to the Executive Committee and all the members for their overwhelming support of the Association.

Vincent Chan (1977)
Executive Committee