Past Chairman's Address 2003-2005

Since I began to assume chairmanship in November 2003, I have witnessed a number of new developments in the Old Boys’ Association:-

Firstly, with a view to attract more young members to join the Old Boys’ Association, the Executive Committee has approved the funding of a project whereby “Torch” as well as notices and correspondence from the Old Boys’ Association will be sent out free of charge to all new graduates, regardless of whether they are members of the Old Boys’ Association, for a period of 5 years after they left Ying Wa. To this end, the Executive Committee also began a sponsorship campaign and so far a sum of over $46,000 has been raised. Many thanks for your generous support.

In addition, the Old Boys’ Association has proudly sponsored the following activities of students at Ying Wa:-

  • Outward bound training camp for all F.6 students
  • Summer camp jointly organized with Ying Wa Girls’ School
  • Publication of “Torch”
  • Delegation to the Global Young Leaders Conference in Washington DC in July. Two Ying Wa boys were selected to represent Hong Kong in this international event

On a softer note, the Old Boys’ Association welcomed back “the God of Pops”, Samuel Hui, whose concerts in Summer were a big success. Sam truly brought back the long-lost smile to millions of daunted hearts in Hong Kong. I was most delighted to learn that Sam has kindly agreed to donate the sale proceeds of 200 concert tickets i.e. $80,000 to the Music Development Fund of Ying Wa. With Sam’s permission, the Old Boys’ Association took upon itself the honour of distributing his concerts to fellow Ying Wa boys who were eager to see his wonderful performance. And following Sam’s lead, fellow Ying Wa boys also donated a sum of over $30,000 to the Old Boys’ Association.

On behalf of the Executive Committee, may I extend my heartfelt thanks for your overwhelming support of the Old Boys’ Association in the past year and I wish you and your family a happy smiling 2004.

Edward Shum (1980)
Executive Committee