Fundraising Walkathon 「英華行 」

Dear alumni,

Please be informed that “Ying Wa Education Foundation” will organize the Fundraising Walkathon 「英華行 」, which shall be held on January 24th, 2015 (Saturday) in the Sha Tau Kok Farm. All parties of the Ying Wa Family – students, teachers & parents of YWC and YWPS, alumni, family & friends are invited to participate in this meaningful event. An invitation notice / donation form with full details of the event is hereby enclosed.

Event : 「英華行 」”Ying Wa Walkathon”

Date : 24th January, 2015 (Saturday)

Walkathon Venue : Sha Tau Kok Farm ( 沙頭角農莊 )

Deadline for enrollment of walkathon : 20th December, 2014 (Saturday)

For your information, “Ying Wa Education Foundation” was established in October 2012 as a charitable organization to pool resources contributed by various stakeholders of the Ying Wa family. Funds have been raised to support the various needs of Ying Wa arising from the many areas of school development. Enclosed for your reference please find a Newsletter of the Ying Wa Education Foundation and the various projects that had bed been supported.

Should there be any query about the enrollment / donation of the Walkathon, please feel free to contact any of the below : KY Lo ( Tel. 94670334 ) / Gareth Ng ( Tel. :  62003922 ) / Cheung Ka Fai ( 96762689 ) Benjamin Au (  Tel. : 95526614 ).

Please help to pass along the invitation notice / donation form to other alumni to enroll in the Walkathon or to sponsor other old boys to participate in this meaningful event.

Thanks & best regards,
Benjamin Au
Honorary Secretary

Walkathon notice(revised)

YWEF Newsletter 2014-11-20 (20141120) with signature

YWCOBA Annual General Meeting 2014

Dear all,

Please be informed that our Annual General Meeting 2014 (“AGM”) will be held at 6:30pm on 16th October 2014 (Thursday) in the Function Room, 3rd Floor, The Mira Hotel, 118 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. Enclosed please find the AGM Agenda and the Proxy Form for your attention.

A Wine Dinner (optional) will be served immediately after the AGM at HK$680 per head, details of which will be posted up on the web site. Advance booking for the dinner is required. For detail, please refer to the documents attached.

If you are unable to attend the AGM 2014, you can complete the Proxy Form and mail the original signed form to our Chairman KY Lo at the following address :

Attention : Mr. K. Y. Lo
Y.T. Chan & Co., Solicitors
5th Floor, The Chinese Bank Building,
61-65 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong.

It would be a great help if you could disseminate the information herein to other alumni.

Look forward to seeing you at our AGM and Wine Dinner on 16th October 2014.

Thanks & best regards,
Benjamin Au
Honorary Secretary
Ying Wa College Old Boys’ Association

AGM 2014 Detail

AGM Agenda





Date :     13th November 2014 (Thursday)

Course :    The Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course,  South Course

Start time    9:54 to 11:33 a.m. (12 consecutive tee times)

Tee Box :   Men-White tee           Ladies-Red

Format :    Stableford Point competition
Maximum :  handicap of 28 would be allowed.

Prizes    :

Old boys’ Champion – Kwan Kai Cheong Cup
Old boys’Best Gross Score – Wong Man Kam Cup
Friends of Ying Wa Champion – Yeung Po Kwan Cup
Friends of Ying Wa Best Gross Score – Yeung Po Kwan Cup
First Runner Up, Second Runner Up,
Longest Drive and  Nearest to Pin Prizes

Eligibility :    Ying Wa College old boys, spouses and friends are welcome

Entry Fee :  

$1,300 (inclusive of green fee, golf cart, ferry, and lunch). Surplus will go to the Ying Wa College Old Boys’ Association.  Same entry fee for alumni and friend.  Junior under the aged of 21 is charged at $650.

Buffet Lunch and prize presentation ceremony will be held in Kau Sau Chau Golf Club.

Entry Deadline : Please reply as soon as you can and before 28th October 2014.  There will be no refund for cancellation after 28th October 2014.

Detail :
YWC Golf notice 2014




校友會將於本年秋季為會員準備一項遊覽活動。 活動將於9月28日 (星期日)舉行,名為「秋季龍鼓沙州海岸公園生態之旅」,歡迎各位校友會員與親戚朋友一同參加。詳情如下:


2014年9月28日 (星期日)

集合時間 / 地點

上午9時半正(逾時不候) /荃灣碼頭

解散時間 / 地點

約下午5 時/荃灣碼頭


  • 荃灣碼頭出發,
  • 乘船前往龍鼓沙州海岸公園,
  • 參觀海岸公園, 中華白海豚保護區、捕捉白海豚水中暢泳的一刻,
  • 踏上『沙州島』拍攝全港唯一『西方明珠』,
  • 大澳 海鮮午餐,
  • 午餐後參觀大澳海岸生態 : 大澳水鄉棚屋、東方威尼斯吊橋、蝦醬場 ,
  • 更可自費品嘗傳統地道小食『紫貝天葵茶、隱婆茶果、牙糖、桔仔、炭燒魷魚』
  • 回到荃灣碼頭解散


每位$218 (大小同價)。由於名額有限,請從速報名,額滿即止。




1)  報名日期:2014年9月5日

2)  報名方法:


e-mail 填妥報名表連同繳付費銀行過計單據到。


支票 (抬頭請寫:『英華書院校友會有限公司』,另請於支票背面寫上校友姓名及離校年份) 或直接入賬至校友會匯豐銀行賬戶(號碼 : 490-038569-001)。




參加者填妥所附的報名表後連同支票(未附支票的報名表將不予受理)郵寄英華街1號英華書院校友會。由於名額有限,是次活動參加將採納先到先得的方式辦理(以郵戳的日期為準)。會方將於9月12日致電通知報名的校友有關的結果及退票的安排(報名未被接納者)。如有查詢,請致電6016 3887 廖力行 校友聯絡。

英華書院校友會–「秋季龍鼓沙州海岸公園生態之旅」 報名表

Ying Wa College Old Boys' Home-coming Concert on 31 May 2014

Ying Wa College Old Boys’ Home-coming Concert on 31 May 2014

Please be informed that the Old Boys’ Home-coming Concert 2014 will be held on 31 May (Saturday) at 7:30pm in Noble Hall.  Many old boys and their sons and daughters will perform music on stage.  It is indeed a re-union of Ying Wa community.  You are cordially invited to join us that night.  For details, please refer to the attached letter sent by the organizing committee.

















校友會將於本年春季為會員準備一項遊覽活動。 活動將於3月9日 (星期日)舉行,名為「春季有機農莊大自然之旅」,歡迎各位校友會員與親戚朋友一同參加。

日期:    2014年3月9日 (星期日)
集合時間 / 地點:    上午9時正(逾時不候) / 英華書院
解散時間 / 地點    約下午4時/英華書院

  • 於英華書院集合,
  • 乘車前往沙頭角有機農莊,
  • 參觀農莊,
  • 客家盆菜午餐,
  • 午餐後專人教導自製和品嚐客家茶棵,
  • 驗體有機種植,
  • 參觀有機及自然種植場,可即時購買合時有機農作物
  • 於英華書院解散

團費費用    每位$168 (大小同價)。由於名額有限,請從速報名,額滿即止。
名額    60名

1)    報名日期:2014年2月21日或之前
2)    報名方法:
e-mail 填妥報名表連同繳付費銀行單據到。

繳款方法    支票 (抬頭:『英華書院校友會有限公司』,另請於支票背面寫上校友姓名及離校年份)或直接入賬至校友會匯豐銀行賬戶(號碼 : 490-038569-001)。
備註    團費已包括交通費、膳食、保險


Sports Update – Handball team entered the Final of Jing Ying Tournament

Ying Wa College Handball Team beat DBS by 16:10 in the Semi-Final and has entered into the Final of the All Hong Kong Schools Jing-Ying Handball Tournament 2013-2014.

no images were found

The Final will be played at 3:15 pm on January 26th (Sunday) at Tsueng Kwan O Sports Centre.  (將軍澳體育館 – 新界將軍澳新市鎮運隆路9號)

2013-2014 全港學界精英手球比賽(決賽)

英華書院  VS 仁濟醫院第二中學

Official Competition Information

The last time YWC entered into the All Hong Kong Schools Jing-Ying Handball Tournament was in 2010. Please come to cheer for our boys.